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STIKI Malang
Campus STIKI Malang : Jl. Raya Tidar 100, Malang 65146, Jawa Timur
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Study Program / Majors / Department
Concentration / Specialization
and Curriculum (Compulsory Courses, Choice, and Weight SKS/credits)
Extension Class Program / Employee College and Afternoon / Evening Class Program
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The following information about the Study Program / Majors / Department and Concentration / Specialization on STIKI Malang along curriculum (compulsory courses, choice, and weight SKS/credits).

Majors/Departmenti Concentration Accreditation
Informatics Engineering (S-1) Informatics Engineering Excellent Accreditation
Information Systems (S-1) Information Systems Good Accredited
Visual Communication Design (S-1) Visual Communication Design Good Accredited
Informatics Management (D-3) Informatics Management Excellent Accreditation

Curriculum Study Program / Majors / Department
(Required Courses and Elective Courses)
Table Of Contents
1. S1 S1 Informatics Engineering Courses
2. Information Systems Courses
3. S1 Visual Communication Design

4. D3 Informatics Management /b> Courses

1. S1 Informatics Engineering
* = Concentration / Specificity / Options Courses
SKS = Semester Credit Units

Courses SKS
Algorithms and Programming3
Linear Algebra and Matrix3
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design3
Analysis and Design Software *4
Analysis and Planning System *3
Computer Applications3
Multimedia Applications *2
Computer Architecture and Organization3
Indonesian and Scientific Tata Write2
English I2
English II2
English III *2
English IV *2
Assembly Language *2
Client-Side Scripting *3
Computer Basics2
Basic Router *3
Data Mining *2
Data Ware House *2
Professional Ethics2
Modern Physics *3
Computer Graphics *3
Business Law *2
Artificial Intelligence *2
Human-Computer Interaction3
Computer Network and Data Security I4
Computer Network and Data Security II *4
Calculus I2
Calculus II2
Network Security *3
Computer Security *3
Between Personal Skills *2
Artificial Intelligence4
Entrepreneurship and Business Development3
Entrepreneurship and Business Development Pricing *2
Basic Chemistry *2
Computers and Society3
Computer Graphics *3
Data Communications *3
Programming Language Concepts *3
Concept Technology *2
Cryptography *3
Logic Information3
Network Management *2
Project Management Software3
Information Technology Project Management *3
Database Transaction Management *3
District Mathematics3
Numerical Methods *3
Research Methodology Information Technology2
microprogramming *3
Model and Simulation (+ Practice) *3
Multimedia *3
3D and Multimedia Animation *2
Oracle *4
Modeling 2D / 3D *3
Modeling and Simulation *3
Courses SKS
Assembler Programming *3
Object Oriented Programming3
Programming C++ *3
Network Programming *3
Programming P/L SQL *4
Programming Visual Client Server *3
Programming Visual multitier *3
Enterprise Web Programming *3
Religious Education2
Pancasila and Citizenship Education2
Introduction to Information Technology3
Image Processing *3
Database Design *3
OOP Design + Practicum3
Practical Algorithms and Programming1
Practical Object-Oriented Analysis1
Assembly Language Practicum *1
Practical Database1
Basic Practicum Computer1
Practical Data Warehouse and Data Mining *1
Practical Physics1
Practicum Hardware and Software4
Practicum Network1
Practical Artificial Intelligence *1
Practical Programming Language Concepts1
Practical Linux4
Practicum Multimedia1
Practical Programming Mobile Java *4
Practical Programming Object Orientation1
Practical Programming Web1
Practical Database Design1
Practicum Php MySQL4
Desktop Options Program Practicum I *4
Desktop Options Program Practicum II *4
Practicum Multimedia Systems *1
Practicum Operating System1
Practical Data Structures1
Practicum Vb.Net *4
series Digital *3
Software Engineering + Practice I *4
Software Engineering + Practice II *4
Research Information Technology3
Final Seminar1
Server-Side Scripting *3
Database Systems3
File Systems *3
Management Information Systems3
Computer Security Systems *3
Multimedia Systems *3
Operating System3
Software Systems *3
SQL Server *4
Statistics and Probability3
Organizational Structure Data3
Compilation Techniques *3
Simulation Techniques *2
Technology and Database Systems *3
Language and Automata Theory *3
Theory of Computation *2

2. S1 Information Systems
* = Concentration / Specificity / Options Courses
SKS = Semester Credit Units

Courses SKS
Basic Accounting2
Programming Algorithms & Data Structures4
Linear Algebra *3
Analysis & Design of Information Systems3
Object Oriented Design Analysis3
The E-Bussiness Analysis *3
Business Process Analysis *3
Computer Applications3
Information Systems Audit *3
English 12
English 22
English 3 *2
English 4 *2
Programming Languages *3
Basic Programming3
Data Warehouse and Data Minning *3
Special Database *3
E-Business *3
E-Commerce *3
Enterprise Information System *3
Enterprise Resource Planning *3
Professional Ethics2
Human Computer Interaction *3
IT-Advertasing + Practice *3
IT-Governance *3
Computer Network3
Information Systems Security *3
Entrepreneurship 12
Entrepreneurship 2 *2
Entrepreneurship 3 *2
Computers & Society2
Computer Graphics2
Computer Society *3
Inter Personal Communication *2
Portal & Content Management Concept *3
Concept Information Systems3
Concept Technology *2
Mathematical Logic *3
Project Management Information System3
Management Science *3
Database Transaction Management *3
General Management *3
Basic Math3
Courses SKS
Research Methodology Information Technology2
Mobile Programming *3
Multimedia & Animation *3
Database Application Programming *3
Object Oriented Programming *3
Programming Visual *3
Web Programming 1 *3
Web Programming 2 *3
Religious Education2
Citizenship Education2
Introduction to Accounting *3
Introduction to Management and Business *3
Introduction to Information Technology3
Information Systems Development *3
Business Knowledge *2
Database Design *3
Practical Algorithms & Programming1
Practical Object Oriented Design Analysis1
Practical Programming Language1
Practical Database1
Practicum Basic Programming1
Practical E-Commerce *1
Practical Computer Networks *1
Practical Project Management *1
Practical Project Management Information System1
Practical Programming Visual *1
Practical Web Programming *1
Practical Database Design *1
Practicum Operating System1
Practical Data Structure *1
Information Systems Development Project3
Software Engineering *3
Information Systems Engineering *3
Remote Sensing *3
Final Seminar1
Accounting System *3
Accounting Information Systems *3
Geographic Information Systems *3
Management Information Systems *3
Operating System3
Decision System *3
Statistics & Probability3
E-Business Strategies *2
Data Structure *3
Testing & Implementation of Information Systems3

3. S1 Visual Communication Design
* = Elective Courses
SKS = Semester Credit Units

Courses SKS
English I2
English II2
English III *2
English IV *2
Packaging Design and Technology2
SME Packaging Design and Technology I2
SME Packaging Design and Technology II2
Elementary Design I3
Elementary Design II3
Visual Communication Design I4
Visual Communication Design II5
Visual Communication Design III6
Visual Communication Design IV6
Visual Communication Design V6
Web Design I3
Web Design II3
Estimated Cost2
Design Photography I2
Design Photography II2
Illustration I2
Illustration II2
Work Profession (Internship)2
Entrepreneurship and Business Development3
Computer Graphics I4
Courses SKS
Computer Graphics II4
Marketing Management3
Media Exhibition Long3
Form Drawing I3
Draw Shapes II3
Drawing Techniques I3
Drawing Techniques II3
Design Methodology2
Research Methodology2
Tenets and Ethics2
Religious Education2
Citizenship Education2
Advertising For SMEs4
Psychology Perception2
History of Art and Design3
Seminar (Business Presentation)4
Final Seminar1
Semiotics and Communication Business3
Graphic Production Technology I2
Graphic Production Technology II2
Graphic Production Technology III3
Overview of Visual Communication Design I2
Overview of Visual Communication Design II2
Typography I2
Typography II3

4. D3 Informatics Management
* = Concentration / Specificity / Options Courses
SKS = Semester Credit Units

Courses SKS
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design *3
Information Systems Analysis *3
Database Applications *3
Based Mobile Applications *3
Web Based Applications *3
Application Programming .NET *3
Application Programming .NET Advanced *3
Distributed Applications *3
English I2
English II2
English III *2
English IV *2
Programming Language I *2
Programming Language II *3
Database *3
Advanced Database *3
Basic Accounting *3
Basic and Business Management *2
Web-Based Database3
Graphic Design *3
E - Commerce *3
Professional Ethics2
Physics and Electronics Association3
Social and Cultural Studies Association3
Implementation Business Information Solutions *3
Business Information Infrastructure *3
Internet *3
Interpersonal Skill *2
Computer Security *3
Interpersonal Skills (Behavior In Organization) *2
Leadership *3
Numerical Computing *3
Data Communications *2
Concept Information Systems3
Logic and Algorithms3
Management and Supervision2
Web Content Management3
Inventory Management *3
Computer Project Management *2
Project Management Software *3
Management Science *2
General Management *3
Business Mathematics *3
Basic Math3
Applied Mathematics3
Research Method2
Program Design Method *3
Coding Optimization *3
Courses SKS
Application Program Package *3
Programming .NET3
Database Programming I *3
Database Programming II *3
Web-Based Programming3
Object Oriented Programming3
Programming I3
Programming II3
Java Programming *3
Advanced Java Programming *3
Programming Java Web Services *3
Programming Visual3
Advanced Visual Programming *3
Religious Education2
Citizenship Education2
Pancasila Education2
Introduction to Accounting *2
Introduction to Database2
Introduction to Digital3
Introduction to Economics *3
Introduction to Computer Networks *2
Introduction to Multimedia3
Introduction to Java Programming *3
Introduction to Web Programming *2
Introduction to Information Technology4
Introduction to Wireless Technology *3
Computer Installation Management *3
Distributed Application Development *3
Web Application Development *3
Web Component Development *3
Introduction Operating System3
Business Knowledge *2
Software Quality Assurance *2
Scientific Writing2
Network-Based Application Design *3
Database Design3
Information System Design *3
Job Training2
Computer Security *2
Database Systems3
Management Information System (MIS)3
Accounting Information Systems *3
Geographic Information Systems *3
Hospital Information System *3
Operating System *3
Computational Statistics3
Data Structures3
Mapping Techniques *3
Operations Research Techniques *3
Open Source Technology3
Set Theory and Logic *3
Final Project4

STIKI Malang - College of Informatics & Computer Indonesia - Quality of Education is A+